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All Fortnite players are engaged in finding the best ways to earn v bucks. The V Bucks is a kind of virtual currency and so important for unlocking lots of things. For earning free v bucks, most of the players are trying to consider online generators. In reality, the use of generators is not beneficial; these are completely fake ways and scam.



If we talk about the popularity of Fortnite, then it is one of the most famous battle royal games. It can be accessed on different types of devices such as –



  • iOS
  • Android
  • PC
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Nintendo

The main thing on which every player needs to be focused on is the collection of free v bucks. If you want to get funds without any kind of issue, then try to avoid the free v bucks generator. You should put efforts and try to follow the ways those are featured in the game.

In the game, you can see numerous options to earn funds such as – exchange of real money. With it, sometimes, the players can get funds completely free. For such a kind of reward, they do need to pay money or put efforts for these ways.

The players those are wandering with the question of how to earn V Bucks, upcoming details can help them in getting an answer to the question.





Best Tips to Get Free V Bucks Legally in Fortnite

  1. Daily Quests – complete & claim reward

While playing the game, the players can see different types of challenges. Some challenges are appearing on a daily basis. These ones are known as daily quests. Completing the quest can help the players in boosting the earning of v bucks.

Here, the players are able to receive a reward as the appreciation of achieving quest objectives. The players can see different types of objectives those can be achieved by performing different types of activities.

In case we focus on the rewards then the players can get 50 V Bucks for completing each mission. In a day, the players can complete a maximum of 3 daily quests. It means all have an opportunity to get 150 V Bucks without putting extra efforts. The individuals with the question of how to get free v bucks can consider this particular way.

They do not need to perform any kind of additional activity. These quests can be completed by playing the game in a simple manner. For completing the three quests, the players have 24 hours. After the time period, the quests get refreshed and the players assigned with a new one.

  1. Login Reward – Access Account Daily and Get Rewarded

Some ways can help the players in getting V-Bucks for free. Daily login reward is one of these. For receiving the reward, the players do not need to complete any kind of objective. The players are required to do one thing only, and they need to log in the game account on a daily basis.

By logging in the account, the players become eligible for receiving rewards. If we talk about the reward, then the players cannot receive V Bucks on a daily basis. Every day they can get a different kind of in-game stuff as the reward.

The V-Bucks are awarded by the system randomly. There is a specific reward system working which provides free fortnite v bucks. Daily bonus is highly beneficial in boosting the V-Bucks earnings instead of taking help from online generators.

The amount of V Bucks is changed with a reward day. First, the players will receive only 50 V-Bucks. After that, the amount of currency will start increasing with the days.

  1. Complete Mini Boss Missions

In the game, different types of missions are featured by the system. All missions are not available with similar elements. The players need to put proper efforts by they can complete the missions properly. By completing the missions, the players can earn a good amount of currency with ease.

The mini boss missions are changing with the time and available in different categories or heads. Following are some –

  • Plankerton
  • Stonewood
  • Canny Valley
  • Twine Peaks

All these heads are including different types of objectives or missions. The players should put properly and try to get receive free v bucks no verification as a reward. In case the players are choosing the way of online generators then they need to face verification process.

The mini boss missions cannot be played by everyone directly. For such a task, the players need to unlock them. It can be possible by following and completing the main questline. Sometimes, by completing the main questline missions, the players can unlock numerous new areas. These areas or features are available with more rewards and opportunities to earn funds.

  1. Complete the Timed Missions

The game is featured with different types of missions, and timed missions are one of these. By completing these specific missions, the players are able to receive different types of rewards. Mainly these rewards are –

  • Experience
  • Defenders
  • Perk resources
  • Survivors
  • Schematics
  • Heroes
  • Transform keys

With it, the players can also get free v bucks no human verification. The way of human verification is considered by the online currency generating tools only. Mainly these are fake tools, and their existence is completely illegal. The players need to follow legit game ways for earning funds.

The timed missions are changing after every 6 hours. The reward money is based on the type and difficulty level of the mission. Mainly the players can receive reward between the 25 to 40 V-Bucks by completing a mission.

  1. Collection Book – level up and claim the reward

The players are able to receive some specific rewards such as – collection book rewards. These rewards are helpful in unlocking some specific things in the game like –

  • Survivors
  • Defenders
  • Heroes
  • Schematics

After unlocking these things, the players need to put them in the collection. In this particular way, the level of collection book is increased. The collection book level increment is completely based on the item which is unlocked by the players.

With the increasing collection book levels, the chances of earning V Bucks as a reward are increased. First V Bucks reward is claimed by the players on level 6 of 500 V-Bucks. The second reward is also received by the players quickly, and then the players need to keep patience for free v bucks no survey. In case you are thinking of taking help from currency generator then avoid the option today. Following the way of generators, creates difficulties only for the users.

  1. Put Efforts Into Achieving Main Questline Missions’ Objectives

In the main questline missions, the players need to complete the storm shield defense missions. These types of missions are helpful in receiving a good amount of currency as a reward. With it, you and your friends can avail numerous benefits by completing these particular missions. By completing these missions, the players are able to receive the following types of rewards.

  • Skill points
  • Mini Llamas
  • Hero Experience
  • 100 V-Bucks

In this way, the players can get free v bucks in the form of reward. For such a task, the no one needs to take help from any kind of generator. They are required to put efforts by which they can get eligibility for the reward.

  1. Be Focused On the Side Quests

You can see some side quests in the game. Complete these specific kinds of quests are helpful in several ways. The quests are including different types of challenges. Some challenges are repetitive, and some are completely new.

The players are able to add more challenges in the side quest by doing proper progress in the main questline. Some players forget to check out these specific quests and claim their rewards. You should not make this particular mistake.

By completing these quests, the players can earn free v bucks quickly and easily. Focusing on all these things keep you away from the use of unauthorized and fake ways such as – online currency generators. Following are some examples of side quests –

  • Lok’s book of monsters
  • Stonewood/canny valley/ twine peaks/ plankerton storm shield defense

Repetitive challenges

  • Toxic treasures
  • Mission accomplished
  • Hold the door!

Completing all these challenges is highly beneficial in earning a big amount of in-game funds. The total amount is around 2600 V-Bucks which eliminates the required of free v bucks generator. As a result, you save from scams.

  1. Participate in Events

In the game, there are different types of events organized by the system. Mainly these events are organized on specific occasions. Some events are organized by the game randomly. All types of events are coming with lots of opportunities.

By participating in the events, the players are able to earn lots of funds. With it, they need to face different types of challenges. Facing and completing all these challenges is highly beneficial in sharpening the game playing skills and availing lots of benefits like getting free fortnite v bucks.

When the events are started then the players are also able to get information about some new things. Mainly these things are related to the in-game stuff such as –

  • Survivors
  • Traps
  • Heroes
  • Weapons

The players are also able to receive some legendaries. With it, they can receive get a good amount of V-Bucks when the event is completed. The reward amount is completely based on the performance of players and some other factors.

There are numerous new things appeared with each & every event. The players need to utilize these things and opportunities properly. All events are designed by adding a specific kind of currency. The players also need to be focused on it.

  1. A Way of Console Users

The players those are considering the way of a console for playing the Fortnite they can consider a specific way for earning in-game funds. The way is named as the GPT (get paid to).

GPT method is helpful to get free v bucks with the help online services. Here the online services do not represent the unauthorized ways such as – online currency generating tool. These types of tools are not offering genuine services.

GPT method is completely legal and authorized by the game. In this particular method, the players need to take help from some specific gift cards. The use of gift cards is beneficial in adding a good amount of V-Bucks in the game account easily.

  1. In-app Purchases

The game is featured with an in-game store. The store is including different types of offers. Mainly these offers are related to the in-game stuff such as – currency. All types of offers are tagged with different types of prices.

Some offers can be availed by spending real money. These types of offers can help you in getting V-Bucks. Spending the real money for the virtual currency is much better then considering a free v bucks generator. Generators are not legal and do not work for the users’ interest.

  1. Pay Attention to Story Quest

Some players do not consider the way of story quests. As a result, they are missing the opportunity of making a good amount of money. According to these players, it is not so useful for them. In reality, it is a myth. The way of story quest is helpful in claiming free v bucks no human verification.

You should check out the story quest and put efforts into completing it. Completing the story quest can help you a lot in claiming 100 V-Bucks as a reward.

Conclusive Details

Mentioned above details can help you in getting a solution to lots of issues in the game such as – lack of V-bucks. By understanding and following these tips, the players can easily get an answer to how to get free v bucks. All these tips are completely legal and authorized by the game.

Some players are thinking of choosing the way of unauthorized ways. In this way, they are trying to generate a good amount of currency quickly. It does not become possible. These are the fake things, and the users of this particular way may face lots of negative things such as – game account gets banned.

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